the moucharabieh laminated wood tray


The Moucharabieh Laminated Wood Tray is another beautiful product offered by Images d’Orient. Inspired by the intricate lattice work of the moucharabieh, a traditional Middle Eastern architectural element, this tray combines functionality with artistic design.

The tray is crafted from laminated wood, which provides durability and a sleek finish. The intricate moucharabieh pattern is laser-cut into the wood, creating a visually captivating and unique design. The pattern allows light to filter through, reminiscent of the way light passes through the traditional moucharabieh screens.

This tray not only serves as a practical accessory for serving food and beverages but also adds a touch of cultural elegance to your home decor. It can be used as a centerpiece on a coffee table, a serving tray during special occasions, or even as a decorative piece on a shelf or countertop.

The Moucharabieh Laminated Wood Tray from Images d’Orient captures the essence of Middle Eastern design and craftsmanship, combining tradition with contemporary aesthetics. It is a statement piece that showcases the beauty and cultural heritage of the region.


Size: 19.3 inches around

Materials: Wood


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