the copper turquoise necklace


A copper turquoise necklace is a piece of jewelry featuring turquoise gemstones that have been treated or stabilized to give them a coppery or metallic appearance. Copper turquoise is not a natural variety of turquoise but is created through a process that involves injecting or infusing copper or metal compounds into the turquoise stone.

This treatment enhances the stone’s color and often creates interesting patterns and veining in shades of blue and green with coppery streaks or matrix.

The combination of the vibrant turquoise color with the metallic copper accents gives the necklace a unique and eye-catching appeal. Turquoise has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and is associated with various cultural and spiritual beliefs. It is considered a protective stone and is often valued for its calming and healing properties. A copper turquoise necklace can be a meaningful and beautiful addition to your jewelry collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special.


  • Chain: 14kt gold-filled
  • Necklace size: 16 1/2″
  • Gemstone: copper turquoise

You can make a request for necklace size adjustment and/or different chain (gold or rose gold) on the note at the check out.

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