SOPHIA socrates


“I know one thing that i know nothing “


  • Handmade. Due to the handcrafted nature of the items there is the possibility of small imperfections.
  • Materials: Ceramine
  • Width: 6 centimeters
  • Heights: 16 centimeters
  • Depth: 6 centimeters
  • Colors: Red and White (make a comment at the check-out which color you want)


Socrates, one of the statues, stands proudly among the representations of the most influential ancient Greek philosophers.

This timeless piece is part of Eternity Today collection, a truly original home collection where the precious classical heritage takes the shape of unique handmade objects. Art is combined with design, eternity with modernity and the magic of timeless myths with the spirit of the 21st century. The collection’s creations are Golden Era messages, silently telling tales of beauty and nobility, power and wisdom, youth and hope, whispering us the wish to -Enjoy Thinking-.


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