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Welcome to Nathalina

Nathalina is an online boutique that collects unique and captivating products from all over the world. It consists of all sorts of sophisticated jewelry, accessories, home décor, and much more. I am just simply in love with these products and I’ll tell you why…  – The work of each artist is meant to touch the hearts of those who receive the gift whether it’s you or the special person you have in mind. Art can speak to you, inspire you to broaden your perspectives, and ways of thinking. It can be a reflection of our life’s experiences and uniqueness. For me, I see art much more in what it reveals to me and to us, as people of the world. The works of these artists speak to me, captures my mind, and finds its way to my heart. By making their work available to you, it is my hope that their work will capture your heart or to those who are special to you like it did to mine.  – Artists and their pieces make a beautiful sanctuary where I feel serene and content. Creating such an environment has been a lifelong dream of mine-to bring that certain level of uncommon goodness and serenity into your home. It wouldn’t surprise me that these dazzling artworks are sure to be a great conversation starter.  – This has been a long and rewarding journey “up the mountain” to making this boutique happen and I’ve come to realize, after years, that the hard work and perseverance is more rewarding than standing at the top.  – So dive in the Nathalina Boutique and find your inspiration!


 – All the Best, nathalie-signature





Beirut, Lebaonon

Beirut, Lebanon

The story of Nathalina is the story of family. It’s a story of loss and hope. It’s the story of a father and his daughter. Nabil, my father, was a charismatic, generous person, as I was told. He founded a store over thirty years ago in Lebanon, the country of my birth, that was named after both of us. It was, and is, called Nathalina.  – I did not have a chance to know my father while I was growing up. He always hoped that he would reconnect with me, and that I would become a part of his life. This was reflected in the store that he invested so much of himself in. The store became a physical embodiment of a father’s love for his daughter. His dreams and his hopes for the two of us shone in Nathalina.  – I share my father’s aesthetic, love for beautiful things, and delight in sharing them with others. When my father died, I found myself gravitating towards beginning my own store, sharing the beauty I find in the world with you and everyone else. Here is my store, called Nathalina, just like my father’s store, which continues to operate in Beirut (see photo on left).  I also hope to open a retail location in Austin, TX. Nathalina lives on.